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Laura Schwartz

Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed. Former White House Director of Events

About Laura Schwartz

Laura's story is impressive. She got her start as the youngest female presidential appointee in history, as the White House Director of Events for Bill Clinton. She authored a book that has helped people all over the world learn how to "Eat, Drink and Succeed." And, thanks to her professional speaker and emcee work, in 2019 and 2020 was named one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry."


Laura Schwartz, as the White House Director of Events for the ...

Behind the scenes at the White House, Laura saw first-hand that we can best 'achieve ourselves' by helping others, but that doing so requires us to go beyond our good intentions with a determination not to be distracted and a commitment to building partnerships with those who share our goals. This book shows she learned the lesson well.

President Bill Clinton

Laura is an outstanding communicator as I know from her sparkling appearances on frost over the world. I'm sure that her book will be an equal success. As she says 'Your Career Isn't 9-5, It's 24-7' and she's living proof of just how well that works.

Sir David Frost

Our team was truly energized after hearing your insights, guidance and perspective on how to capitalize on making relationships count. Your talk was inspiring and memorable, and now I will think twice before I go home to the remote control vs. spending 20 minutes at that cocktail party!

Robin Reibel, Senior Vice President - Macy's

Your presentation was wonderful, as always, and our team was fully engaged. We received much positive feedback about you as a speaker and the absolute relevance of the subject for our team. As always, you were a big hit!

Loretta Abrams, Senior Vice President - HSBC

Laura's enthusiasm as she presented each and every award kept the audience on their toes. What could have been a lengthy, uneventful program became a true celebration of everyone's work to bring United Way's mission to life. She was flawless! Attendees raved that this year's program was by far their favorite due in large part to Laura's energy.

Sarah Frick, Communications Director - United Way

Laura's talent and command of the audience, as well as a well-presented keynote address made the show for all in attendance! I would highly recommend Laura as a keynote and emcee. I am proud to have worked with her and will leverage the fact that I know her in every circle I can!

Kevin Johnston, Director of Events, Collinson Media and Events and Producer - Connect Marketplace
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