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Lara Trump served as Senior Adviser to the 2016 and 2020 Donald J. Trump Campaign and played an integral leadership role in the day-to-day operations, special events and political strategies. She was a founder of Women for Trump and spent a significant time campaigning around the country for both the 2016 and 2020 campaign cycle.

Currently, she is a Fox News Contributor, with weekly appearances on shows such as Hannity, Fox & Friends, Varney & Co., Fox News Primetime, The Big Weekend Show, Justice with Judge Jeanine and more.

Lara also has a weekly video and audio podcast show called The Right View.

Lara is a graduate of North Carolina State University where she majored in Communication Media. Lara earned her French Minor after traveling overseas to study at L'Universite Catholique de Lille, France.

In 2007, Lara moved to New York City from her home in North Carolina to follow a passion and attend the French Culinary Institute where she earned a degree in Pastry Arts.

As a former personal trainer, Lara remains an avid nutrition and fitness enthusiast and regularly participates in triathlons and marathons. She is also a devoted equestrian and a passionate animal welfare advocate with a long history for supporting various pet rescue organizations.

Lara resides in Florida with her husband Eric, son Luke, daughter Carolina, and their two dogs, Charlie and Ben.