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Lance Allred

First Deaf Player in NBA History

About Lance Allred

Lance Allred, with his 5 Principles of Perseverance, is the first legally deaf player in NBA history. Known as "The Lion," he is a best-selling author of Basketball Gods and Longshot and is an expert on Leadership, Perseverance and Grit.

Standing at 6'11 and born with 80% hearing loss within a polygamist commune before his family escaped when he was 13, Lance has had people all of his life placing limitations on him, but he never listened: he couldn't hear very well anyway. With a world of stories ...

I wanted to tell you thank you so much for agreeing to come and speak to our employees. We have heard nothing but great things from those who attended. In fact I would say it was the highlight of the week overall.

American Express

Lance Allred came to our school and spoke to our students following a crisis on campus. With short notice, Lance was able to rearrange his schedule and help our students through this difficult time. His story of perseverance and standing up against bullying both captivated and helped our students process a vast number of emotions. Lance was charismatic, endearing and his speech deeply heartfelt, inspiring the students and the staff. I strongly recommend him.

Kelly Tauteoli, Principal - Park Lane Elementary School

Lance was engaging, enlightening and motivating.  During the presentation, the students were truly engaged, participatory and inspired to participate and in some cases, moved to tears.  There are lessons from Lance’s presentations that fit in to everyone’s life in some aspect or another.  People are better off after learning from Lance’s message- life’s lessons for everyone!

Dr. Anthony Grieco, Executive Director - Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18

Lance spoke to our high school and what was really impressive is that he used his principles and experiences and merged them with our schools keys in a seamless manner.  It set the tone for our year and our students have asked me numerous times if we could have him back.  At the end of the presentation students were lined up to talk to Lance.  Several students shared their own story and opened up to him in a very intimate and personal way.  He talked with these students with empathy and understanding and they were validated in that exchange.

Brett T. Wilson, Principal/CEO - Academy for Math, Engineering and Science

As a high school principal and state leadership director, I have had the opportunity to hear many presenters and speakers. Not all of them have a message worthy of taking up academic instruction time. Our assembly time with Lance was well spent as we took the time to focus on the emotional well-being of our students. There is much more to Lance than just being the first deaf player in the NBA as he shared a powerful message with our student body who was still suffering the effects of two student suicides the previous year. Lance is able to reach across a wide range of listeners; including parents. I hope to work with Lance for years to come as he continues to share his message of perseverance with others.

Charisse Hilton, Executive Director - Utah Association for Student Councils

Lance spoke at our training retreat for the Southern Utah University Presidential Ambassadors (18-22). We were looking to start our year off with an attitude of success and hard work and that is exactly what Lance taught these students. He was real and genuine and each one of these students took something different away from his story and could relate to his diverse life experiences. The students loved the opportunity to hear from him and his lessons will be something we will pull from for the entire year. I would highly recommend Lance for your speaking experience.

Amie Tukuafu, Admissions Counselor - Southern Utah University
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