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Kris Jenner: Mom, Reality TV Star, Business Titan, NY Times Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker has spent a lifetime learning from influences in her life on how to be the best at whatever the does. Now for the first time, Kris is available to share her stories, life experiences, successes and failures with your clients and/or customers. Kris' ability to move audiences with her honest and straight forward "universal conversations" on overcoming personal and professional obstacles, dealing with personal trauma, all the while raising a family that would become one of the most iconic American families ever.

Successful Business Woman- Kris is a trailblazer. She has built the Kardashian empire from the ground up which to date includes media holdings, product manufacturing and clothing designs.The family started their careers as owners of two boutique stores in Calabasas, CA, and have since expanded to multi-million dollar endorsements with OPI Nail Polish, Sketchers, Sears, Shoe Dazzle, Mattel and of course more to come!

Motivational Speaker- Kris is an aspirational woman, mom and entrepreneur.Kris connects with her audience in a manner that no other iconic figure in pop culture today does. She shares her struggles and successes that every family and business owners are faced with everyday.

NY Times Best Selling Author- In the fall of 2011, Kris released a memoir, Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, she shares the reality of living her hectic life in the celebrity spotlight, touching on topics that will resonate with women everywhere--love, loss, marriage, divorce, motherhood, and faith.