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Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB

Kevin Mitnick Speech Topics

Hacked - A Keynote with Kevin Mitnick: The #1 Cybersecurity Presentation
In this 60-minute keynote, delivered virtually or in-person, audience members will follow along as Kevin hacks multiple systems in real-time and exposes just how vulnerable individuals - and enterprises - really are. This presentation will: • Keep audience members engaged and entertained as they...
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Hook, Line, and Sinker - How Phishers Bait Remote Workers with Social Engineering
When it comes to fishing, you can reel in a big catch with the right bait. Cyber “phishing” is no different; all a hacker needs is a clever backstory and a little deceit to turn your employees into suckerfish. Now more than ever, remote employees are being caught in malicious social engineering...
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Drawing the Curtain - Houdini of Hackers” Reveals the Latest Social Engineering Tricks
When it comes to hacking, the average person has no idea how it actually works. And while— just like magic— cyber breaches often seem to appear out of nowhere, hacking is often not always as mysterious as you may think. As the “Houdini of Hackers” Kevin Mitnick is known for his spellbinding live...
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Under the Magician’s Hat - Hackings Biggest Secrets Revealed with Kevin Mitnick
Just like you never know what a magician might pull out of his hat, it’s hard to guess what tricks a hacker might have stuffed up his sleeve. Both have a whole bag of tricks at their disposal to fool you. In today’s digital-forward landscape, bad actors are more motivated than ever to gain...
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Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Keystroke - The Hacker’s Playbook Revealed
Hackers are a lot like stage magicians. Both capitalize on the art of deception to fool you into seeing what they want you to believe. Whereas magicians use cunning sleight-of-hand tricks to distract from what’s really happening, social engineers hack from behind the digital curtain, gaining...
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It Takes One to Know One - Live Hacking Demonstrations with the World’s Once “Most Wanted” Hacker
The iconic saying goes, “it takes one to know one”— and in many cases, it’s true. That’s why when it comes to hacking, you can’t trust the theory of cybersecurity alone. You also need to understand its application. On the playing field of cybersecurity keynotes, others just talk about the game,...
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Digital Deception - Inside the Mind of a Hacker
People think that hackers are just skilled with computers. They understand logic and can program— and that’s it. But hackers are masterminds at deception; and it’s their extraordinary understanding of the psychology of trust that gets them past your defenses. The best malware is nothing without...
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Custom Virtual Presentations
• Work with Kevin to craft the perfect web-based, virtual presentation that engages audiences and keeps them on the edge of their seats, even in front of their computer screens. • One on One with Kevin Mitnick: A Fireside Chat with the World’s Most Famous Hacker • Panel Discussions • Q&As • Web...
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Web Commercials & Promotional Marketing Videos
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