Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB

Kevin Mitnick Speech Topics

THE ART OF DECEPTION:How Hackers and Con Artists Manipulate You and What You Can Do About It
People are the weakest security link. They can be manipulated or influenced into unknowingly helping hackers break into their organization’s computers. You’ll learn how easily you can be an unsuspecting victim who can be manipulated into handing over the keys the kingdom, if you haven’t done so...
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THE ART OF INTRUSION: How Hackers Attack and How to Fight Back
Breaking into your technology and security is easy. To learn why, first you must think like a hacker. In this engaging and demonstration-rich experience, Kevin Mitnick illustrates to you how a hacker’s thought process works and how they ply their tradecraft. You’ll start to see you and your...
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GHOST IN THE WIRES: The Story the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know
Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. Come on the run and escape with Kevin as he takes you on this hilarious and mind-boggling adventure based upon his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker. Kevin is a master...
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CUSTOM Q&A: Reinforce Your Event’s Messaging with Live Hacking
Would you like to grab and hold people’s attention on the matter of their security or privacy? Do you want to inform your audience about unknown threats or raise their "security awareness"? Are you tasked with informing people about a need for your security product or service? Don’t just tell...
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THE ART OF INVISIBILITY: Defending Your Privacy against Hackers, Spies, and Big Brother
Learn the shocking truth about privacy. Like it or not, your every move is being watched and analyzed. Every step you take is tracked and stored. Once considered conspiracy theories and paranoia, the age of organized cyber criminals, big data, and Big Brother has arrived. You’ll gain incredible...
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HOW HACKERS ATTACK AND HOW TO FIGHT BACK: With Live Hacking Demonstrations of the Current Threats to You and Your Organization
Why Chose This Presentation: Kevin’s most popular speech for all audiences If you don’t want to be “owned” this is a must see The #1 recommended presentation to raise "security awareness" Presentation Length: Choose from either a set 75-minute or a shortened 60-minute keynote followed by 15...
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CUSTOM KEYNOTE CREATED FOR YOU: A Scripted Conversation with Live Hacking
Uniquely leverage Kevin for your specific needs Reinforce the messaging of your product, services, topic, and event Create affinity with the top knowledge expert After Kevin reveals the threats, your team shows the solutions Presentation Length: This presentation can be designed for any length up...
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