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Kent Stock

Extraodinary Teacher and Coach as depicted in the flim "The Final Season"

About Kent Stock

Teacher, coach, principal, banker, husband, parent and powerful speaker, Kent Stock is also the man who coached the 1991 Norway High School baseball team during their now-famous final season. As depicted in the 2007 film, The Final Season, the nationally recognized Norway baseball team came together under inauspicious circumstances. They defied the odds under the leadership of then first-year head baseball coach, Kent Stock, and proceeded to win Norway's 20th state title. Kent recently released a ...

Thank you for the outstanding example that you set for all of us. Your presentation was great and I really enjoyed visiting with you.

Charles E. Sukup P.E., President - Sukup Manufacturing Co.

You could have heard a pin drop during Kent's session. It's a rare occasion when that many students sit quietly and listen so intently to a speaker. He commanded the respect and interest of everyone in the room!

Rita Gilbertson, Director of Alumni Relations - Waldorf College

Kent encouraged our young people to step up to the challenges of leadership & always do their best, even when faced with scrutiny & uncertainty. He assured students that doing the right thing is important, because you never know where life may lead you.

Mary Schneekloth, Chair - Youth Leadership for Five Seasons

One of the greatest takeaways from working with Kent, was I felt like he was truly on our team from the beginning. . . . I felt that he put himself into the event 110%--making sure he did his part above and beyond.

Jody Donaldson - Scholarship and Alumni Director, Kirkwood Community College
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