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VIDEO: Keith Ferrazzi on 'Larry King Live'
Author Keith Ferrazzi was a guest on CNN's Larry King Live last week. Keith and Larry spoke about the need to have trust-based relationships that spur us toward personal and professional greatness. Following the release of his latest book Who's Got Your Back, Keith has been featured on CNN, CNBC and will be on Good Morning America on Tuesday. ...
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15 Tips: Conference Commando [Part 2]
[This is part two of "15 Tips from Keith Ferrazzi". If you missed part one, read it here. And now for tips 8 through 15.]#8 Draft off a big kahuna. Get to know some of the most well-known folks at the conference or the conference organizers themselves and hang with them. The important people will rotate by them sooner or later. If you're there, ...
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15 Tips: Conference Commando [Part 1]
["15 Tips from Keith Ferrazzi: Conference Commando" is a two-part series from business guru Keith Ferrazzi.] A conference is a huge opportunity to build relationships with extraordinary people, people who might have significant impact on your professional or personal success. To make sure that you maximize the return on your (and your organizat...
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