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For Students: NO LIMITS
Topic: Raising aspirations & Improving motivation What does it really take to awaken the potential that lies within everyone? Kevin draws upon his own experiences in school, professional football, and as an award-winning entrepreneur to inspire your students to raise their standards and be the...
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Topic: Accelerated Learning & Study Skills How do you engage students in their own learning and motivate them to willingly do more studying than they normally would? The answers lie in ‘personalization’, ‘relevancy’ and ‘edu-tainment’. In this action packed and laughter-filled session, Kevin...
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For Students: INNER WINNER
Topic: Self Esteem & Emotional Intelligence What separates top performing students, athletes and business people from those who are struggling? The answer isn’t found at the superficial level of ‘skills and behaviors’. Rather it’s those who master their own mind and emotions that go on to achieve...
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For Educators: THE SUCCESS MASTER PLAN – How to Establish an Achievement Culture in Your School
What has to happen in order for success and happiness to become the norm rather than the exception? Developing an achievement culture in your community goes way beyond school buildings, technology, dress codes, and behavior. Kevin Mincher has spent more than a decade studying the habits of...
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For Educators: THE SOUL OF STAFF PERFORMANCE – 4 Simple Things That Make a BIG Difference in Schools
How do you get teachers to enjoy their work and perform at their best, even when times are tough? Student performance is inextricably linked to staff performance. As such, it makes absolute sense for schools to have systems in place that enable teachers to consistently be at their best. But what...
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How can your school strengthen its community connections and engage more families in the learning journey? Broadband Internet has changed the structure of society and communities aren’t what they used to be. In this presentation, award-winning entrepreneur, Kevin Mincher shares cutting-edge...
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For Parents: TEENAGE CONFIDENCE – How to develop self-esteem in your child
This is the single most important element of youth development because a teenager’s level of self-esteem and confidence will affect every decision they make and action they take. Most parents know they need to help their kids flourish in these areas, unfortunately, too few adults actually know...
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For Parents: GET THE GRADES YOU WANT – Simple strategies for success in school & life
The economy has changed, the jobs market has changed, and now families need to change their approach to education if they’re going to succeed in the modern world. In this insightful seminar, Kevin Mincher identifies what has altered since parents left school, explains what this means for young...
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Since 1997 Kevin has studied the psychology of persuasion and the art of influence. In this in-depth program, Kevin shares the sources that have shaped his philosophy on youth development and reveals his A-Z of communication strategies for adults that live and work with young people. His aim is...
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