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Keith Ferrazzi
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Who’s Got Your Back
Supercharge Your Networking and Move from Membership to Community (Keith’s Associations Special!)

Give your associates a strong sense of security and purpose in unstable times with Keith Ferrazzi’s Who’s Got Your Back keynote. His message: Everything we need to succeed is in our grasp. It’s the people around us. Not just family and friends – the people we work with.
In a time of cutbacks and layoffs, your organization needs this message more than ever to bond together, build resolve, and emerge from the crisis even stronger.
Creating deep community bonds among employees, what Ferrazzi calls “lifeline relationships,” is an incredibly effective instrument for continuing change and growth in the workplace – the kind that translates to bottom-line impact.

Ferrazzi presents a vital lesson for leaders: by increasing engagement among their teams, they’ll enhance productivity, innovation, and growth. Research tells us that strong socials bonds drive high-performance teams, and that employee engagement – highly correlated with the depth of workplace relationships in Gallup studies – has direct impact on both revenue and profitability.
The problem is, individuals often lack the skills, and the permission, to tap their work-based support structure. While serving corporate leadership teams, sales forces, and other organizations, Ferrazzi developed the mind-sets and the methodology to do exactly that.
This is more than a feel-good message. Ferrazzi’s keynote provides an interactive, transformative experience for sustainable change in your organization. In the first part of the 60-minute talk, he and a senior leader from your company introduce the talk together. Then Keith leads participants through a series of exercises to shift their mindsets from isolation to connection.
This creates the foundation for two powerful tools for workplace excellence: candor and accountability, the keys to identifying problems, developing creative solutions, and then sticking to plans for follow through.
Ferrazzi then introduces the Who’s Got Your Back roadmap for building and creating a core group of lifeline relationships, including:

1. A process to identify and strengthen bonds with lifeline candidates – those who have the potential to “get it and care”.

2. A team-based format for refining goals and work plans.

3. Tools to identify and overcome career-crippling bad habits.

4. Keys to sustaining a commitment to excellence and growth over time.

This keynote resonates throughout an organization for months to come – particularly when supported by the book as a resource. Your employees will have the tools and the motivation they need to enact the program for lasting impact on the vitality of your organization.

Relationships for Revenue Growth

Revenue growth demands that every level of your organization – from the CEO to the sales force – be competitive in the art and skill of relationship building. Keith Ferrazzi’s highly interactive, dynamic

Relationships for Revenue Growth boils 20 years of research and 60 hours of curriculum into one speech. Participants experience new techniques to build relationships right in the room and leave enthusiastic and prepared to put them into practice to improve your business and their lives. Results for your business include increased customer loyalty and net promoter scores, a shortened sales cycle, more and stronger referrals, and increased ability to sell to the C-suite. This talk can be customized for the sales force, executive leadership, or any level of your organization, and can also include supplemental breakout sessions or webinars

Relationships for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams:
Relationships for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams:

Research shows that high-performance teams are also the most highly committed teams. As you look around your organization, can you honestly say that your people are committed to not letting each other fail? The very best leaders know how to help their team build strong, engaging relationships. Keith Ferrazzi’s

This keynote provides the mindsets, processes, and tools to transform even the most conflicted team or politicized company culture into a closely bonded working unit. This talk deeply leverages the consulting methodologies that have made Ferrazzi Greenlight the go-to firm for transforming company culture. Participants practice Ferrazzi’s techniques right in the room during the highly interactive, dynamic talk, which offers a clear roadmap to greater transparency, faster decision-making, more robust problem-solving, and innovative thinking among teams – incredible assets to boost your bottom line. Leaders will leave with a strong understanding that in today's workplace, success isn't achieved alone. Keith is also available to lead supplemental breakout sessions and webinars.

Building Relationships to Build Your Brand

In a crowded marketplace, how can you differentiate your organization from the pack? How can you build and sustain a brand so powerful that it's as well-known and trusted by the world at large as by people inside your organization? The answer is relationships.

In this talk, CEO Keith Ferrazzi shares the secrets to building your brand by doing the following:
Identifying the people critical to your success and developing strategies to connect with them
Getting access to the executives and decision makers, not just organizations
Pushing business relationships beyond transactions through genuine intimacy and generosity
Empowering each and every individual to contribute to the cause, one relationship at a time
Enlisting the help of people outside your organization and industry by creating executive communities devoted to higher-order issues
Using Personal Relationship Management (PRM) systems to proactively drive your efforts and leverage a greater number of highly influential relationships to build your brand

Keith's presentation, which draws on his own experiences as well as the knowledge base of Ferrazzi Greenlight's High-Touch Marketing consulting practice, leaves audiences motivated and prepared to develop the collaborative relationships and team culture that propel success.

Relationships for Group Success

In this session, relationship guru and internationally best-selling author, Keith Ferrazzi, will examine where the foundation of building relationships for your professional and personal success should start internally. Ferrazzi will discuss his expertise on how to align internal teams and will share how getting connected with your colleagues will lead to profits and engagement with your external customer relationships and overall professional development.

A group's success fundamentally depends upon how its individual members work together. Individuals work more effectively and enjoy their work more when they have genuine personal relationships with their colleagues.

Whether it is an entrepreneur creates relationships with suppliers and investors, a corporate leader forming relationships with other division leaders, or a student laying the groundwork for a first job, skills in relationship-building are the key to success. Keith Ferrazzi's principles are focused on the skills required for effective group work. Building relationships internally for group success sparks a culture of generosity and accountability

This presentation is a comprehensive workshop designed to help teams meet firm objectives. Confronting common challenges like communication across silos, understanding cross-functionality and efficient teaming and executions, RGS instructs teams in the following skills:
Help each other succeed in both professional and personal pursuits
Have more fun in the workplace
Contribute to the firm's success by proactively building relationships with people inside and outside the organization
And more that will lead to increasing employee retention and shareholder value
Facilitate direct, honest communication for resolving conflict through

* Team Goal Definition & Alignment
* Assignment of Roles & Responsibilities/Contracts
* Project Plans and Milestones
* Success Metrics
* Conflict Resolution
* Interpersonal Communication

Relationships for Career Success

No matter what you aspire to in the short- or long-term - landing that first job out of school, getting a raise, or starting a company - your career success will require relationships. Simply put, you can't get there alone.

Ferrazzi Greenlight's Relationships for Career Success talk offers students and young professionals the chance to acquire the mindset and skill set to take control of their careers by building mutually beneficial relationships.

Setting goals is where most career development programs end, but that's just where Relationships for Career Success begins. After establishing incremental goals for a range of 60-days to 10-years, participants learn to do the following:
Identify people who can help them achieve career and life goals
Build and broadcast unique personal brands to stand out in the crowded marketplace
Ensure the people and resources in their own back yards are contributing to their success
Approach and engage mentors for guidance along the many paths of their careers, culminating in a dynamic personal board of advisors

Participants leave this seminar both inspired and prepared, with a customized Relationship Action Plan to guide their actions and track progress.

Relationship Selling in a Soft Market

Can your sales team succeed and even thrive in today's troubled economy? The answer is a resounding yes - but to do so, they'll need a new skillset.

Your teams needs to know how to build genuine, loyal client relationships and scale them to your company's best advantage.

In a world of increasing commoditization, the depth of those relationships is the only way to win customers' loyalty, protect margins, and keep business strong.

Your sales force will walk away from this seminar prepared and motivated to do the following:
Create new leads through existing networks
Strengthen pre-existing relationships to speed up the sales cycle
Turn current clients into ambassadors who will generate new business for the firm
Focus marketing time and money on the greatest potential return and impact to the firm
Manage up to 250 relationships with a high degree of intimacy, taking up no more than 20 percent of an agent's time

With the tools provided by Ferrazzi Greenlight, you team will not only land new clients but build relationships that create value beyond the immediate transaction, to yield business when other salespeople would be turned away.

Relationships for Career Success through Diversity

Diversity transcends legal compliance issues - it sharpens the mind, inoculates people against groupthink, and fuels innovation.

Diversity-driven groups benefit from collected insights and experiences.

Diversity in a workplace serves as a relationship-building strategy that moves people with likeminded interests and affinities forward toward common goals.

Celebrating and eliciting workplace Diversity can fuel Innovative thinking that locates new solutions for clients.

Benefits of a program geared toward a diversity group through relationship-building taught by Keith Ferrazzi will allow folks to:

Connect with New Markets and New Clients instead of "we can't do that", the mindset becomes "we did it!" Create new leads through existing networks

Attract Top Talent - Your organization develops a reputation for providing challenging opportunities for the best and brightest minds

Generate Future Revenue Growth - diversity and innovation become differentiators that locate hidden opportunities for revenue growth

Relationships for Group Success for Breaking Down Silos

Breaking Down Silos fosters cross-organizational functionality, productivity, and success.

In this presentation focused on Breaking Down Silos increases participants' ability to lead teams and collaborate together in today's ever-changing, matrix-driven world.

Deeper internal relationships bust silos, because people adopt a greater level of transparency while simultaneously holding each other accountable for measurable results. Breaking Down Silos fosters a spirit of cooperation that can make it easier to achieve customer satisfaction and corporate goals at the same time.

Benefits of this presentation allows members of your team through:
Instilling the confidence to embrace innovative diversity and welcome change
Driving increased productivity
Fostering greater interest in ownership of the company's success
Reducing the production cycle time in new product development
Leading to more thorough decision-making
Improving coordination and implementation of new products, operating procedures, and organizational

Relationships for Leading in the Grey Zone

Leading in the Grey Zone concentrates on building key skills that enable leaders to lead during times of uncertainty.

Successful leaders are able to motivate and inspire their teams during times of change. Often times, leading through times of change means confronting ambiguity, finding creative solutions in unexpected places, and helping your team deliver in an uncertain environment.

With Leading in the Grey Zone, your leaders acquire the skills and mind sets to not only manage change, but to take control of change. Leading in the Grey Zone helps participants uncover opportunities to be more resourceful, find solutions in creative places, and take more risks that might change perspectives.

Targeted Competencies that this program focuses on include:
Entrepreneurial Initiative and Action
Flexibility, Adaptability, and Innovation
Strategic Thinking and Realization
Organizational & Team Leadership

Relationship-building strategies in leadership allows leaders to lead and move their team forward toward common goals through:
Using empathy to connect over difficult deals and transactions
Learning how to reshape unreasonable or difficult requests through the principles of buy-in
Offering added value to clients, colleagues, and business partners - in order to move forward toward mutually-agreed upon solutions

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