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Kathleen Wood has spent over 20 years as a corporate and entrepreneurial leader, business owner and business innovator developing highly effective systems designed to accelerate growth, leadership and team alignment and achieve extraordinary results. She is a perfect fit for speaking to teams in Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Branding, Sales and Management or any other team that wants to be Number 1 in their category! Kathleen works with leaders and organizations to transform their business and catapult it to the apex of their markets and profit from it.

Kathleen's cornerstone statement is: "I work with leaders who want to be Number 1."

Kathleen's entire portfolio of clients attains the Number 1 position in their market, category or internal metrics!

Many speakers talk about results Kathleen guarantees her results. We're so confident your team will be transformed and challenged that Kathleen literally puts her money where her mouth is and guarantees the success of your event by offering a 100% money back guarantee as her Personal Pledge. This is 100% ROI or as we like to call it ROS--Return on Speaker!

Kathleen Wood has proven her content is exactly what leaders and businesses need and it works! She is a real speaker using real case studies with real results working with real leaders. Bottom line--Kathleen is the real deal. Bring in a speaker your people will laugh and cry with, lean in and relate to her stories and beg you to have her back again and again. That expert speaker is Kathleen Wood.

Kathleen travels the globe invigorating and enlightening audiences, conducting workshops with business leaders and offering expert-level business guidance to Fortune 100 executives, startups, turnarounds and nonprofits.

She is the co-Founder of Suzy's Swirl, a family owned dessert business dedicated to re-igniting the American Dream and disrupting franchising through their innovative "famchise" model. She is a co-publisher of an exciting monthly business report, Rock N' Grow. A report that is sure to make you a rockstar in the growth of your business. Kathleen is the author of The BEST Shift of Your Life--The Restaurant Manager's Guide for Success Outside the Restaurant.

Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Management from the University of Wisconsin--Stout and Master of Business Administration from Loyola University of Chicago.