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Kara is living, walking proof about how very important possessing this quality is for aspiring fashion designers. . . . Kara is an excellent speaker because she is earnest, engaging & despite being a reality TV star, not intimidating or condescending.
Vivian Kelly Instructor, The Fashion School - Kent State University New York City Campus
She was exactly the presenter that we had hoped for! Her inspiring words have created positive change on the the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus and we were delighted to have hosted her for her event.
Anthony Maier,President - Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity Beta Zeta Chapter Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
She offered an insightful look into her personal story of self-discovery and acceptance as a lesbian woman coming out in Kansas. Coupled with her small town charm and welcoming smile, Kara kept everyone engaged the entire time.
Shane Windmeyer Co Founder/Executive Director - Campus Pride
Kara Laricks was the 1st female speaker during Greek Week in the last 5 years and she definitely did not disappoint. . . . She was the best speaker for our community at the time and any campus would be lucky to have her visit & share her inspiring words.
Stephanie Rodriguez, alumna - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Gamma Phi