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Conflict Management

Corporations spend millions of dollars annually to resolve disputes with employees, clients and business partners. Productivity, the retention of employees and customers, and protection of key business initiatives are all at risk if there is no internal system for early, collaborative resolution of conflict.  Joy  provides companies and employees with tools and insights that can prevent problems in your office from eating up hours of valuable company time. Believe it or not, employee quarrels can really savage your bottom line if you're not careful. Even if you have an internal conflict resolution training program in place, that may not be enough to quiet the ranks. Indeed, sometimes outside help is the most cost-effective means to deal with these issues. Customer Service

In today’s competitive environment, providing superior customer service is not an option, it’s a necessity.  You can play a critical role in helping your organization achieve an outstanding service-oriented climate.  This session will focus on techniques you can use to achieve a higher level of customer service including how to adopt a customer focused attitude, how to identify and exceed customer expectations, speaking the language of service, and creating and maintaining an image of excellence.

In this customer service training session, Joy shares her most effective service techniques gathered from his 20 years of experience. This dynamic workshop enhances interactions with both our internal and external customers, as well as with our relationships outside of work.

Information Technology

From multimedia applications to database programming, server management to e-commerce platforms, the need for technical experts is growing. Let Carver and Associates provide you with the knowledge and expertise to meet your company’s technology needs.


Effective leaders create value and victories for themselves and all those within their sphere of influence.  Joy shows how to be the leader you would follow.  Discover how to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to unite, take focused action, and achieve beyond expectations.  Learn the simple steps to creating a leadership roadmap; compelling words that affect and influence others; keys to getting to commitment; and how to move people to raise the bar on their own achievement levels.

Stress Management

In today's fast paced business world, we must each learn to manage stress or pay the price.   While we often can't change the stressors in our lives, we can control how we react to them.  Participants will discover how to take charge of their reactions to events regardless of what is happening.  Learn how to change your state of mind on demand; how to change your reaction to events instantaneously; how to get into a relaxed state whenever you choose; and how to disassociate yourself from negative attitudes that are interfering with your success and peace of mind.  More than just a feel-good program, you will walk away with practical, easy-to-apply techniques for mastering a stressful life.

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