Jorge Valenzuela | Empowering executives and school teams to achieve success through self-improvement and education

Jorge Valenzuela

Empowering executives and school teams to achieve success through self-improvement and education

Jorge Valenzuela

Jorge Valenzuela is a highly sought-after and well-regarded performance and education coach, author, and speaker at Lifelong Learning Defined. He got his start in education and has helped countless educators improve their instructional leadership and teaching skills. Jorge specializes in emphasizing instructional innovation through action research and is a trusted deliverer of reputable professional training in collaborative team building, core instruction, project-based learning, STEM pathways, entrepreneurship, and life skills integration across the curriculum. He partners with corporate executives and superintendents and provides professional development on behalf of ASCD, Corwin, Premiere Speakers Bureau, and Solution Tree. He has authored several books and is the Lifelong Learning Defined podcast host.

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Tools for Helping Students Connect Passion to Purpose Within the Curriculum

In today's education landscape, many students feel disconnected and crave opportunities aligned with their interests. This inspiring keynote equips educators with practical tools to rekindle student enthusiasm while meeting curriculum requirements. Participants will gain insights on seamlessly integrating students' strengths, interests, and values into their education, fostering a path to success and fulfillment. The importance of instilling purpose in the curriculum is emphasized, empowering educators to nurture vital life skills and unlock students' potential. The session also addresses ways for teachers to enhance their rapport with students in challenging situations and introduces a straightforward project-based learning framework they can use to define student learning experiences.

Meaningful Connections
Your Elevator to Excellent Relationships

Embark on a journey of connection and excellence, where meaningful bonds with others elevate your life experience. Discover the path to success through empathetic relationships. Foster positive connections among students and staff, infusing joy into both learning and organizational goals. Join us in this enriching session to learn strategies that will revolutionize your journey, guiding you to cultivate robust bonds that radiate positivity across personal and professional landscapes.

Intro to PBL+
Bridging Academic and Personal Success (2 Day Workshop)

This session assists teachers in enhancing the quality of project-based learning (PBL) for their students by providing a research-backed framework and strategies for defining and organizing the student experience. These approaches aim to elevate academic and essential life skills, with a specific focus on emerging AI technologies. The emphasis is on implementing the PBL+ framework, which incorporates authenticity, feedback protocols, and emotional intelligence skills, to establish effective learning environments that enable students to apply their knowledge authentically.

Empowering Aspiring Educators With Tools for Success
(Keynote for Future Teachers)

In today's education landscape, many students experience disconnection from their academic learning. As a future teacher, you can help change that! This keynote provides practical strategies to amplify student engagement while fulfilling curriculum requirements. Delve into ways to align kids' interests and passions with your daily teaching. Moreover, you'll explore the profound impact of providing purpose in learning, empowering you to guide students in cultivating essential life skills and unlocking their full potential. Navigate through challenging classroom scenarios and uncover a simple yet powerful framework for crafting engaging projects that bring meaningful learning experiences to life in your future classrooms.

Jorge Valenzuela
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Jorge Valenzuela

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