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Business in the Age of Disruption
What's new in the New Economy? With the ever-changing technologies of the Web, creating brand new business models that really work can be very difficult. Over the next decade, the dynamics of the traditional supply chain and customer relationship will change dramatically in many industries....
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Moving your Business through the Technology Maze
Join Jordan for a cutting-edge look at the complex, ever-evolving world of technology. Using terminology that takes participants to the next level of understanding, Jordan describes the emerging technological forces and how to leverage unrelenting change to your advantage. This fast-paced,...
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The Power of E: The Future of Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce
With the demise of so many "dot-coms", many have wondered if e-commerce is dead. It's not only alive, it's maturing into an essential sales and marketing tool. This fascinating session explores the framework of how e-commerce on intranets, extranets, e-mail and the Internet has evolved and how it...
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The Advantage Business Strategy Game™
Strategic planning almost always fails to yield a true competitive advantage, because the process tends to focus on financial rather than strategic goals. Leading futurist Daniel Burrus has developed the Advantage Business Strategy Game, Jordan has been trained and licensed by Dan to conduct this...
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Unleashing Your Creativity
Locked inside every employee is a wealth of creativity that given the right stimulation can be transformed into profit-enhancing procedures. In this session Jordan shows the latest ways to generate creative ideas and innovative problem-solving techniques that can be applied to a whole range of...
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'Aha!' The Keys to Your Great Ideas
How do leading organizations use creativity at all levels to solve problems and improve methods? That's just one of the many secrets of innovative success that Jordan reveals in this highly acclaimed speech. He walks audiences through the C.O.R.E.(Curiosity, Openeness, Risk, Energy) model they...
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