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Jon Acuff

  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • One of INC's Top 100 Leadership Speakers
  • Author of Finish and Do Over

Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller, Finish: Give yourself the gift of done.

For over 20 years he's helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he's spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Finish Keynote Preview
Starting With A Story
Bravery is a Choice, Not a Feeling
Jon's Tips for Vacation
Infusionsoft Keynote
Jon Acuff: Do Over
Speech Topics
  • Finish: The Surprising Truth about Accomplishing Goals

    According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, 92% of resolutions fail. That’s a staggering number ... View More

  • Do Over: Investing in the 4 Things that Every Great Business Needs to Navigate Change

    The rate of change gets faster and faster each day. Technology is changing, ask the Flipcam and Blockbuster. Careers are ... View More

  • Hustle and Empathy: Two Surprising Sides of Sales

    Connectivity has changed selling in some wonderful, terrible ways. On the one hand, you have access to more people and ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Jon Acuff was brilliant and engaging. Our employees absolutely loved the talk. We didn't have any negative feedback and in our survey actually 100% of employees agreed it was value use of their time which was more than any speaker we had that week.
  • Erin Hartje - Microsoft
  • "Hustle is an act of focus, not frenzy" was just one of the messages Jon left the EMC Finance leadership with this week. Jon spoke directly into the challenges our managers are facing at a time when we need it the most. His energy, encouragement, and insight was the perfect way to wrap a week on inspired leadership.
  • Jon Bosland, VP, Finance - EMC Finance
  • Jon spoke to a group of players working to build their professional skills and identify areas of interest outside of football. The principles Jon focused on were relevant, motivational, and enlightening for the group. Jon is also very relatable in his content and delivery and approachable while engaging in follow up questions and conversations. Ultimately, he helped set the stage for the players to succeed in their off-season pursuits.
  • Connor Ford , Player Manager - NFL Players Association

Jon's Blog

The decision you and I make every...
A few years ago, I was walking to the stage to speak at an event. I saw this on the ground and stopped dead in my tracks. It m...

One thing I do to beat back the...
One of the voices of doubt I hear whenever I sit down to work is this: "You don't have enough time." Sometimes, that morphs int...

One question that is haunting me in...
I recently had dinner with a friend who owns a business. He told me that in his space, there's a temptation for young business ...

20 things I'd tell you over coffee....
If you and I sat down for coffee and you asked me for 3-5 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about finishing things over the y...

Doing a comedy set was terrifying....
For 10 years, I told anyone who would listen that I was going to do comedy someday. I didn't know how. I didn't know when. I di...

How the right kind of data can...
I'm not a naturally organized or data-focused person. Excel scares me to death and math is my mortal enemy, but researching my ...

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