JFI/CHG-Impacting Lives

Sharing with you of an impactful case study we got from a current customer who hired John at the very start of COVID and still going.


Norma Diaz, CEO of Community Health Group - CHG located in San Diego, CA 


Norma hired John in 2019 for a keynote presentation to which John made her cry from his powerful messaging. Norma stated she will only hire a keynote speaker that can make her cry and feel emotions the way Jhon and continues to do.



Norma walked away with a new appreciation being impressed with John on so many different levels wanting to get John's messaging on a consistent basis with her team for a long-term partnership. Norma contacted John at the start of COVID in need of his help with a team of 60 and herself how to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, belief levels, trust, and teamwork.



John presents virtually every Tuesday for 1 hour with the 45 leaders at CHG including CEO Norma Diaz. John has done 159 virtual sessions and counting.

John starts out each event by taking CHG on a guided meditation, chair yoga, and breathing exercises that opens the hearts & minds of each person. This has allowed CHG to grow professionally and personally each week. This keeps things fresh & relevant which is vital to this emotional & educational journey which John calls a purpose larger than self!



On 12/28/21, Norma did a study of the 45 leaders at CHG group who have been part of the JFI training in the last two years.

Their levels of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and the need for medication and extra services to battle burnout have dropped by 80% and she attributes those metrics to the training we have done. The breath-work & meditation John does each week is at the top of people's list when we ask what helped you the most.

John Foley: Worldwide Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Corporate Trainer, Former Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels, Stanford Fellow, "Mindset Master," Podcast Host

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