John Hodge | School Improvement Expert; Educating Students Socially, Academically and Morally

John Hodge

School Improvement Expert; Educating Students Socially, Academically and Morally

John Hodge
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Motivating Teachers to Motivate Students
Let's Talk About Belief!!!

The stakes in public education have never been higher. Now more than ever before, it is imperative that teachers and students are motivated to meet new challenges. This emotional presentation is designed to give teachers the push they need to re-enter classrooms with the desire to inspire every child they teach.

Educating Students Socially, Academically and Morally

This presentation teaches educators what it takes to create and sustain excellence in the classroom.

Helping Students Bounce Back

Resilience refers to the ability to overcome risk factors that increase the likelihood of academic failure. Today in the United States, a significant number of students experience academic failure due to multiple risk factors. The good news is that educators can help students to become more resilient and overcome a variety of challenges by using a few proven strategies. Today’s session will help participants understand the resilience phenomenon and learn strategies that are proven to help foster resilience in today’s students.

Higher Order Thinking
From Theory to Practice

It is safe to say that most educators believe that higher order thinking is necessary for educational success. We all know that this is a universal truth in education. Yet in classrooms throughout the United States, classroom instruction focuses on basic facts and relies on the ability of students to recall information and not think through challenging content.
The staff of the Urban Learning and Leadership Center has had the opportunity to work with educators throughout the United States. We fully realize what is driving instruction for many teachers: Common Core. But in attempting to prepare students for success on state testing, teachers are failing to teach students how to think. Please note the dramatic difference. Classrooms that focus on the ability of students to recall content are simply teaching students WHAT to think. We believe that if our focus is on teaching students HOW to think through problems, schools will meet and exceed state and federal academic standards. This presentation will provide teachers with tools they can immediately use to facilitate higher order thinking in all classrooms.

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John Hodge

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