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Harnessing Disruption: Lessons From The Worlds Best Innovators & Disruptors
1. Opening discussion with the people sitting around you 1. The icebreaker / LOL opportunity 2. What is a mega trend that is facing us (team, company, industry) that is calling for something disruptive or innovative to come in as a solution? 2. What disruption looks like at 40,000 feet. 1. It...
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Is Your Go-To-Market Strategy Transactional Or Transformational?
Transactional brands like Best Buy and Target can only differentiate based on price and service. Transactional brands have to spend a significant portion of revenues acquiring new customers every day because there is little to no loyalty. Transformational brands like Lifetime Fitness...
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The BOSI Factor
How Your Entrepreneurial DNA Works For and Against You In Business…and In Life For centuries business owners have been operating from a flawed assumption that is costing them revenue and profits. The mindset has been—what worked for one business owner will work for every business owner—because...
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