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The Best Sex: Setting Up Youth for Success
(Teen/Young Adults) Sex can be a lot of things: awkward, fun, painful, special or casual. What if we could equip today’s youth to pursue the best sex in the safest context? Joanna brings a dynamic, funny and information-packed approach to this talk for teens, covering sexually transmitted...
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The Power of No: Building Healthy Relationships
(Teens) Teens today face incredible pressure from peers and partners in the areas of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Nearly 4 out of 10 teens have experienced physical or sexual dating violence. Equip your youth with practical and effective ways to say no to manipulation, how to recognize an unhealthy...
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New Position on Sex
(Teen/Young Adult) Teens and young adults get messages every day from the World and from the Church about sex and their sexuality. But are they the right messages? The World often portrays sex as casual and free from consequences, while the Church has used guilt and shame in the hopes of scaring...
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Sexonomics: Supply, Demand and the X Factor In Sex
Sex and relationships can be a bit like economics, a balance between supply and demand. Today, supply heavily favors uncommitted sex, while demand is low for commitment and marriage. What does this mean for how we navigate relationships as Christians? Learn the X factor that changes everything...
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Your Porn Habits and Sex Trafficking
Porn, it’s a guy problem. Or is it? With books like Fifty Shades of Grey flying off the shelves for teenagers and adults alike, porn and erotica are becoming a guy and girl issue. Does what we look at or read in the privacy of our rooms really affect us, or those around us? Porn and erotica are...
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What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Sex
(College) College is known for hook-ups, casual relationships, and a Vegas style mentality that says what happens in college, stays in college. In this straightforward talk, Joanna addresses what many students may forget when they hook-up, the reality of sex on campus, how they can set themselves...
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Embracing the Awkward: Equipping Parents to Talk Effectively Talk About Sex
Parents often struggle with speaking to their child about sex and relationships, wondering how they can compete with the media and culture for their child’s attention. But teens repeatedly say that parents are the greatest factor when it comes to their decisions about relationships and sex. This...
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