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The Death of Comfortable
Today we mourn a death. The death of Comfortable. HE CAME INTO OUR LIVES UNINVITED, SEEMING TO APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE, ONLY TO BECOME A PERMANENT FIXTURE. A silvertongued easy-going intruder, he convinced us to hand over our relationships, our dreams, and our future in exchange for promises of stability, security, a life free from risk, and...
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How Disney Sabotaged Our Love Lives
Written by: Ashley Crouch & Joanna Hyatt It has been a been a roller coaster month of romantic headlines, fromconscious uncouplingtoDancing With the Stars'crowd-favorite, "Disney Night." Watching the night of dancing princesses vaguely reminded us of our childhood hopes for a romantic fairytale ending with a perfect other half. Yet, fac...
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Why Magazines Are Failing My Daughter
The Time Warner customer service agent told me the store would open at 8:30 a.m. When I arrived at 8:40 a.m. with my toddler in hand, only to find the doors locked until 9 a.m., I panicked. Toddlers do not wait patiently. Especially not for 20 minutes outside of closed strip malls. Normally I have enough toys and snacks in my purse to enter...
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