Jimmy Casas | "Culturize - Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes." Award Winning Principal.

Jimmy Casas

"Culturize - Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes." Award Winning Principal.

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Jimmy Casas
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Recalibrate the Culture

Do you leave work every night exhausted from putting out fires all day long? Are you frustrated because you find yourself dealing with the same issues time and time again? You are not alone.

It is time to recalibrate. Recalibrate our why. Our work. Our values. Ourselves. Educators must explore their inner selves to understand the role we each play in how we can impact the climate and culture of an entire campus when we are strategic and aligned in our practices. The classroom, building, and district levels must see themselves as one and must be intentional in replicating their processes, protocols, and frameworks to recalibrate and bring about system-wide change and cultivate a healthier culture. Participants will leave this session with a renewed understanding of the importance of effective processes and practical tools they can utilize immediately to cultivate a healthier culture for all members of their school community.

Handle with Care
Managing Difficult Situations in Schools with Dignity and Respect

In schools across the country, educators at every level are faced with delicate, challenging situations that require leadership skills and insights in order to produce favorable outcomes for students and staff. In this presentation, Jimmy Casas examines a variety of difficult school-related situations, both in and out of the classroom, and provides strategies, tools, and techniques to address a variety of difficult-to-handle situations and scenarios in order to help students and staff emerge from missteps more self-aware, feeling valued, and able to move forward.

Live Your Excellence
Bring Your Best Self to School Every Day

As educators, we must regularly ask ourselves:  Have we grown complacent? Have we settled for the status quo? It’s our job not to let average become the standard. When a classroom or school is in need of transformation, leadership is at its most critical and the fate of a school rests on its teachers and leader’s ability to gain support.   If you’re the type of educator who wants to inspire greatness in everyone who passes through your classroom and school’s halls, this presentation is a can’t miss. You will learn what it takes to raise expectations for all students and staff, foster the belief in one’s ability to achieve, and create an environment where everyone takes pride in supporting each other toward excellence!

Culturize – Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes.

Eradicate Average! CULTURIZE Your School. Average schools don't inspire greatness--and greatness is what our schools need if we are going to produce world-changing learners. In this presentation author and education leader Jimmy Casas shares his 4 Core Principles - Champion for All Kids, Expect Excellence, Carry the Banner and Merchant of Hope, to maximize student learning and remind us that every child deserves to be a part of something great. Jimmy draws from his personal experiences as a struggling student and his insight from working in an inner city school to remind you of your purpose and reignite your passion as an educator. This session will inspire you to go do whatever it takes for all students to be successful!

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Jimmy Casas

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