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What separates Jim from the other speakers is that he immediately establishes rapport with his audiences. He walks confidently out onto the stage with his guitar. He tells a self-deprecating story to ease the anxious minds of the people in from of him. The joke gets a laugh and wins over his audience on the spot. He begins strumming his guitar and does his version of "Peaceful Easy Feeling". The audience must admit that he is really pretty good. This is evidenced by the enthusiastic round of applause he receives. His energy is contagious, and the audience is engaged.

As Jim delivers his program, a transformation occurs. Whether Jim is delivering his "Eight Characteristics of Happy People" talk or his "Managing Thought, the Key to Success in Business and In Life" talk, the audience begins to "live in the present moment. They become more self-aware. Gratitude is the place to start. Nothing is taken for granted. They understand that their thoughts are not their lives. They now have the ability to identify and let go of negative thoughts and replace them with empowering ones.

Lives are improved. Understanding of others grows. Dynamics in the workplace and at home are moved in the direction of patience and understanding rather than judgment and criticism. Happy workers are productive workers.

Jim has the unique ability to turn profound, life-changing concepts into easily understood solutions. His stated goal and purpose is to "open people's eyes to the possibility of living happier, more joyful lives".

Imagine what that outcome can mean for your people at work and at home.

Jim's experience in the education, business and not for profit worlds has him firmly grounded in the real world. Jim is married and the father of three grown children.

Twenty years ago, Jim decided to give back to his community by volunteering in his local prison system, teaching a course in personal development. The first thing every Monday morning, Jim brought his positive, yet realistic message to a group of men and a group of women at the DWI Alternative Facility on Long Island. The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response of the inmates spurred him to bring his message to the public. Since moving to Tennessee two years ago, he has continued his volunteer work at the Oak Cottage for Women, a half-way house for women recently released from prison. Jim is just as comfortable speaking to an audience of 1,000 as he is facilitating an intimate, offsite retreat.

Jim is the author of the book, "Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up" which has inspired tens of thousands of readers to live their best lives now. Thousands on Jim's email list wait anxiously every Wednesday morning for his uplifting and sometimes challenging "Aha Moments".