Jim Kelly Text Reviews

Several athletes have spoken to our customers, yet everyone agrees that Jim Kelly was among one of the best speakers they have ever seen. He truly spoke from the heart and treated everyone with courtesy and respect . . . he left a lasting impression.
Anthony Mustillo, Sr. National Channel Manager - Motorola Inc.
It is a privilege for NFI to be associated with someone whose professional success is only surpassed by his commitment to his children. I was deeply moved by your comments about Hunter during the induction ceremony.
Roland Warren, President - National Fatherhood Initiative
You can do no better than Jim Kelly. I am so grateful to have worked with this outstanding man . . . I simply cannot say enough about the whole experience.
Ann Marie Surovy, PR & Development Coordinator - LifePath, Inc
The audience was thrilled they had the opportunity to hear Jim speak and had a lot of positive things to say after the event. I think one audience member hit it on the nose by saying, Jim Kelly was a great football player, but a better human being.
Theodore Ryan, Programming Director - Brockport Student Government