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Jim Clifton

Chairman and CEO of Gallup, Author and Speaker

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Jim Clifton

Jim is the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, a global leader in public opinion research and advanced analytics, since 1988. Under his leadership, Gallup has expanded from a predominantly U.S.-based company to a worldwide organization with 30 offices in 20 countries and regions.

Mr. Clifton is the creator of The Gallup Path, a metric-based economic model that establishes the linkages among human nature in the workplace, customer engagement and business outcomes. This model is used in performance management systems in more than 500 companies worldwide. His most recent innovation, the Gallup World Poll, is designed to give the world's 7 billion citizens a voice on virtually all key global issues.

In June 2015, the Clifton Foundation and Gallup announced a $30 million gift to the University of Nebraska to establish the Don Clifton Strengths Institute. The gift will support the early identification and accelerated development of thousands of gifted entrepreneurs and future business builders.

Mr. Clifton is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller It's the Manager, the bestseller Born to Build, and The Coming Jobs War, as well as many articles on global leadership. His blog appears regularly in the Influencer section of LinkedIn and on's Chairman's Blog. He serves on several boards and is Chairman Emeritus of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. He has received honorary degrees from Medgar Evers, Jackson State and Bellevue Universities. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Jim Clifton
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The Coming Jobs War

For decades, the primary social concerns in the world have been the longing for peace, freedom, religious expression, democracy, or even owning a home. The primary concern of many people - for the first time - is just to have a good job. Creating good jobs focusing on the emotional economy, innovation, and entrepreneurship will ultimately drive long-term business and economic growth. While there are five billion people in the world aged 15 years or older, only 1.2 billion formal, full-time jobs are currently in existence.

In this talk, Jim Clifton addresses:
What governments, businesses, and leaders can do to help create engaging jobs and workplaces, which are so desperately needed.
The role city leaders and local authorities play in supporting and promoting these efforts.
How leaders can promote entrepreneurship and create healthy businesses, starting by positioning people in roles where they naturally fit - the very key to job creation.

Over the next 30 years the success of nations and the enterprises that are created will be driven not by political or military force but by economic might - which is determined by the ability of leaders to create jobs and stimulate sustained GDP growth.

America Today
Economy, Education, Healthcare and Jobs

Modern America is at a unique juncture. High-level government policies and organizational strategies impact not only the future of America, but also the foundation of its key institutions and national issues, rooted in America's past. Every citizen is affected by the state of the national economy, and America's presence on the global stage. Education plays a vital role, from how our past education has shaped people in key roles in commerce and public life, to how our future leaders will be educated. The national debate on the Affordable Care Act remains high on everyone's radar. In over 75 years of global insight and research, one of Gallup's most significant findings is that - for the first time - the primary concern of many people is to have a good job, and the life it enables one to lead. Creating good jobs with a focus on the emotional economy, innovation, and entrepreneurship will ultimately drive long-term business and economic growth, and produce thought-leaders who will help shape the conversation and have future impact on America's most pressing societal concerns.

Jim Clifton
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It's the Manager: Gallup finds the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success.

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Born to Build

by Jim Clifton

Coming Jobs War

by Jim Clifton

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