Video: "When Every Company Becomes A Tech Company!"

Take a look at my page, The Reality of Disruption (24 Reasons Why Your Company Might Die Before You Get Old)

It’s a comprehensive list of a vast number of trends which provide for massive, disruptive change for your company and the industry in which you operate.

Two of the top trends have to do with technology! Here’s a video clip to get you thinking – and then, read on!

From the list:

#2 Every company becomes a software company.

From healthcare to insurance, home appliances to automotive, manufacturing to packaging, retail to sports & fitness, energy to agriculture: every industry is seeing massive change as it becomes enabled, challenged and transformed by technology and connectivity.

From precision agriculture to self-driving cars, smart clothing to connected microwaves, remote medical monitoring devices to active packaging -- every company in every industry is becoming a computer company, with software and technology at its heart and soul. This changes everything!

#3 . Moore's law defines the speed of change for every industry.

It's the rule that defines that the processing power of a computer chip constantly increases while the cost collapses at an exponential rate -- and that speed of change is coming to drive the speed of innovation in every single industry as we all become tech companies.

Companies are having to innovate and transform at a pace never seen before.

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