Dr. Jessica Kriegel | Data Scientist Driving Business Results Through Insights on Strategy and Workplace Culture

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Dr. Jessica Kriegel

Data Scientist Driving Business Results Through Insights on Strategy and Workplace Culture

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Dr. Jessica Kriegel
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Speaking Reel
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Balance between Pre-pandemic Norms and Post-pandemic Mentality
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Culture Drives Results
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Dr. Jessica Kriegel
Featured Keynote Programs

The Culture Equation
How to build an intentional workplace culture that powers your strategy and drives growth.

In this keynote, Dr. Jessica Kriegel presents original research done in partnership with Stanford that demonstrates how you can create an intentional culture to realize significant growth in revenue.  Through data science, case studies and humor, she presents an engaging and practical 4 step process to achieve real business results through the power of culture. The Culture Equation is the key realizing real growth and demystifying the ‘woo’ of culture.

The audience will leave with:

• An understanding of the three quantifiable variables critical to driving real growth
• 4 steps to cultivating an intentional culture in their workplace
• A roadmap to take the first steps in becoming a champion of The Culture Equation

Why a Culture of Employee Fulfillment Out-Performs Employee Engagement

Overcoming low engagement, the loneliness epidemic, and other morale killers to drive performance through your people

Employee fulfillment is key to executing your strategy. Jessica helps her audience analyze barriers to fulfillment such as power dynamics, and misplaced competition, and presents an innovative model where your culture sees each employee as a whole person.

This program is perfect for organizational leaders who are:

• Overwhelmed by the push and pull of the urgent day-to-day deliverables vs. the long-term health of the organization.

• Dealing with low morale, low employee engagement, or leadership challenges that seem to have no clear root cause.

• Motivated to create a work environment that not only gets results but also creates a sense of purpose for everyone on the team.

The audience will leave with:

• A new understanding of employee engagement and how to drive true motivation at every level of the organization.

• A framework to balance the day-to-day struggle of doing what is urgent vs. what is important

• A step-by-step process to drive real business results through increased employee motivation and a culture of purpose.

A Culture for All Generations

Disrupting the way we think about generations to attract, engage, and retain all employee

Dismantling Gen Z or X or whatever the next trendy label is! Citing extensive academic research from her book, Unfairly Labeled, Jessica provides a refreshingly enlightening and data-driven perspective on how multi-generational organizations can strip away stereotypes and biases to realize a common purpose and performance.

The audience will leave with:

• A new understanding of what generational differences really are, and what they are not.
• A toolkit for facilitating inter-generational understanding at all levels of the organization
• Seven steps to bust generational stereotypes and become an agent for change within your organization

How Unconscious Bias Gets In the Way of Creating The Culture You Want

The key to building intentional culture that drives performance is understanding how our unconscious bias is enemy # 1

Leaders struggle to create the culture they want because they do not realize how their own and their teams’ bias is working against them. Jessica educates her audience on the signs and symptoms of unconscious bias, and provides practical tools for leaders to overcome their own unconscious bias.

This program is perfect for organizational leaders who are:

• Striving to create a culture that supports the business goals, but struggling to get the expected results.

• Wanting to take their leadership to the next level by identifying and removing blindspots

• Champions of diversity and inclusion, looking for tools to take their advocacy to the next level

The audience will leave with:

• A sure-fire tool to identify and overcome unconscious bias within yourself.

• A framework for overcoming unconscious bias within your organization.

• Steps for creating the culture you want despite the obstacle of unconscious bias in your way.

Dr. Jessica Kriegel
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Dr. Jessica Kriegel

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