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CAPT (retired) Jeffrey Kuhlman

CAPT (retired) Jeffrey Kuhlman, Kuwait doctor, physician, white house, POTUS, President CAPT (retired) Jeffrey Kuhlman, Kuwait doctor, physician, white house, POTUS, President

CAPT (retired) Jeffrey Kuhlman Bio

Triple-board-certified in Aerospace, Family and Occupational Medicine, Kuhlman has clinical privileges in all three specialties through the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He is also a designated Naval Flight Surgeon with emergency medicine experience and multiple certifications in trauma and pre-hospital care.

Assigned to the White House Military Office in 1997, he began his tour of duty as White House Physician in January 2001, initially serving under George W. Bush. When the terrorist attacks and anthrax scare followed nine months later, Kuhlman was compelled to round out his specialties with a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, and later with a post-doctoral fellowship in occupational and environmental medicine.

In a first-person account of his post-September 11 experience for Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine, he said he was "underwhelmed" with how the experts were dealing with practical aspects of the possible biological and other threats, "So that's one reason I wanted to do an MPH: I wanted to get the tools,'' he wrote. "I thought that instead of being critical of everyone else, the thing to do was to join them and help the fight."

He said he followed up with a residency in occupational medicine because, "Occupational physicians are going to be in a great position to recognize hazards and implement prevention strategies--to secure your building, to protect your indoor air and your food supplies. You know," he wrote, "the government is not going to solve all of our problems. It's going to be a matter of education. It's going to be a matter of getting rid of complacency.''

Kuhlman received his military commission from the United States Navy in 1983 after graduating magna cum laude from Southern Adventist University. He began medical school at age 19 at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, completed his residency in family medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center and served as the first Physician to the President's Cabinet from 2001 to 2003. He also served as Director of the White House Medical Unit from January 2007 to January 2011.

Kuhlman recently served as the Chief White House Physician and was designated by President Obama to serve as a White House commissioned officer.

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman joined Florida Hospital in July of 2013 as Senior Vice President and Associate Chief Medical Officer. Florida Hospital is a 2,400 bed quarternary referral center located in Orlando, Florida. US News & World Report rated Florida Hospital number one in the state of Florida for 2013-2014. Florida Hospital is the leading volume biller of Medicare in the world with annually 135,000 admissions, 65,000 surgeries, 500,000 emergency visits, and 500,000 urgent care visits to the 2,400 physicians on their medical staff and 600 advanced practice providers.

Captain Kuhlman retired from the Navy in 2013, after 30 years of duty. He served the White House for sixteen years, from 1997 to 2013, as Senior Flight Surgeon for the President's helicopter squadron, Camp David physician supervisor, White House Physician, Director of the White House Medical Unit, and the Physician to the President for President Obama, his family, and staff.

Dr. Kuhlman maintains four board certifications; Aerospace, Family, Occupational Medicine and Medical Management. He completed medical training at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, a Masters in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and post graduate medical training at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute.

Dr. Kuhlman is an expert in global health and a thought leader in the emerging field of "protective medicine": providing care for a protectee (diplomat, head of state, celebrity, or high net worth individual) at home, work, or during international travel, to include resource limited destinations.