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Jeff Yalden: Merrimack Middle School

Jeff Yalden

Life Coach from MTV's 'MADE' and North America’s #1 Youth Motivational Speaker

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Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts, United States
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Jeff Yalden overcame incredible odds to become the man he is today. As a teenager, he lost interest in life, in school, in himself. He took the SATs twice and received very low scores. Worse, Jeff suffered from a stutter, a facial tic, bad acne, and a learning disability. His self-esteem in the gutter, Jeff graduated high school 128th in a class of 133.

Although he was accepted by 3 of the 19 colleges to which he applied, Jeff's sense of inadequacy was so overpowering, he was afraid to attend. A ...

In my twenty-five years of education, I have witnessed a number of speakers for both student and staff. However never have I experienced an individual who had such a positive impact of both groups. Jeff took Manchester Middle School by storm.

K. Burger, Asst. Superintendent - Manchester Township, Lakehurst, NJ

In the fifteen years of bringing speakers to Warwick High School, this was the first time anyone has received a standing ovation from the students.

C. Schmitt, Guidance - Warwick HS, Warwick, NY

Jeff has the ability to reach the very heart of his audience by relating experiences to their lives, and also by giving them direction and hope for their futures.

D. Guglielmana, Activities Director - Martin Luther King Jr. MS, Oceanside, CA

Veteran staff members indicated that you were the best assembly program that they had witnessed in their careers. Students told me that they were going to use your thoughts in their college essays. . . . I personally was moved by your thoughts.

J. Okulski, Principal - Garden City HS, Garden City, NY
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