Jeannie DuBose | Author of The Mother Daughter Dance & Tending The Fire

Jeannie DuBose

Author of The Mother Daughter Dance & Tending The Fire

Jeannie DuBose

Jeannie DuBose is an award-winning author and illustrator of two memoirs: The Mother Daughter Dance and Tending the Fire: The Story of a Marriage. Her compelling presentation style is marked by humor, insight, and vulnerable reflections on her own life. Jeannie is consistently ranked as a superlative speaker; her client list includes Young President's Organization (YPO), Canyon Ranch, The Haden Institute, Rancho La Puerta, as well as a host of schools, faith communities, and women's organizations.

Her topics specialize in subjects relevant to personal growth and are grounded in three core beliefs: 1) everyone has a story to tell - and part of any journey towards wholeness includes finding safe places to tell the truth about our lives, 2) following your joy, as well as the lump in your throat, will lead you home to yourself, and 3) the ongoing invitation of the human journey is to continue awakening to the mystery of your life -- and to respond to that awakening with actions which reveal a deepening love and compassion for every living thing.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeannie received a masters in counseling psychology from Georgia State University and a certificate in spiritual formation from Columbia Theological Seminary.

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Knowing Your Story

One of Jeannie’s core beliefs is that everyone has a story to tell -- we are all more interesting than we look. In this presentation, Jeannie invites people to reflect on meaningful moments in their lives, and provides a framework for the audience to identify the parts of their lives that are life-giving and affirming. The answers to these questions supply the seeds for how to engage your life story with expanded energy and authenticity.

Exploring the Mother Daughter Relationship

A woman’s relationship with her mother is among the most profound in her life. Jeannie examines the joys and the challenges that mothers and daughters encounter as they yearn to be close and also struggle to be separate. Gain insight about the woman you’ve become by reflecting on your history with your mother.

The Prime of Our Lives
Does Getting Older Mean Getting Better?

Do you fear or embrace the aging process? While we live in a culture that values youth and physical beauty, we are also living in an era where women in the second half of life have more possibilities than ever before. Jeannie explores the losses and opportunities which surface as we enter midlife, and offers examples and strategies of how to make this phase of life our most genuine and satisfying yet.

Jeannie DuBose
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Jeannie DuBose

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