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Jayne Storey Jayne Storey

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Jayne is the founder of Chi-Power Sports and Sport Zone Media - companies providing inspirational coaching services and multi-media products for competitive athletes world-wide.

Her background includes 20 years training in Eastern philosophy and
T'ai Chi - the world's most popular martial art - and she is Europe's premier instructor of T'ai Chi to Olympic athletes and professional golfers.

Her T'ai Chi based programmes enable sports-people to enter what is know as "the zone" or flow state - an experience of peak performance where actions are automatic, intuitive and unconscious.

The phenomena of the zone is also accessed during the creative process and Jayne shows companies seeking inspiration for innovation and change-management, how to use techniques from T'ai Chi to attain the same mind-set used by the world's greatest thinkers from Archimedes, to Newton and Einstein.

Accessing the zone - a super-state of relaxed concentration - is vital in today's business world, where creativity and innovation are paramount - as is the ability to think clearly under the often relentless pace of change.

Using strategies and techniques to help clients access the mental and emotional state of "Stillness in Motion", Jayne encourages audiences to maximise their business and personal potential by giving them simple yet powerful tools they can apply immediately.

Her interactive talks are unique, dynamic and often provocative. She believes a professional speaker's role is not to simply show up, but to entertain and challenge the audience's thoughts and feelings about success - encouraging them to evolve to the next level in their life, work and fitness.