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Thank you again for introducing this new approach to us and for your creative thinking.
Andy O'Brien on behalf of Jack Nicklaus - Nicklaus Group of Companies
Jayne has shown me that meditation is the missing link in mental game training. It offers athletes and golfers a way to experience the "here and now," which is invaluable in terms of concentration and relaxation.
Jamie Edwards - Trained-Brain Ltd
Every now & then someone comes along that makes a difference, seeing things from a fresh perspective, adding new meaning, achieving creativity out of knowledge while bringing inspirational new material to a well known field. Jayne Storey is such a figure.
Peter Hudson - World Golf Teacher's Federation
I spent some time this morning reading your book "Stillness in Motion." I really like the way you write . . . It's neat to read things I've experienced but never had words to describe, articulated so clearly.
Christopher Bergland - Ultra-Endurance Athlete, Guiness World Record Holder