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Jay Acunzo marketing, social media, change, sales Jay Acunzo marketing, social media, change, sales

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Jay is among the top speakers at Content Marketing World every year...each time we ask him back, the scores come back better and better. An original thinker and dynamic presenter, Jay is becoming one of the "must-see" speakers at any marketing and communication event.
CEO - Content Marketing Institute
Jay's presentation was perfect for our modern B2B marketing team. He put forethought in to understanding our team and creating a presentation to fit the context of our marketing off-site. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and content today and would have Jay back in a heartbeat!
Senior Marketing Manager - Blackbaud
Jay's was the best session I've ever attended in my 25 years of conferences! (I grew up watching my parents do keynotes.) I had so much energy and aspiration walking out of there!
Event Attendee - Marketo Marketing Nation Summit
Jay got the party started right! The keynote set the right tone and the right energy for the conference and absolutely had the solid takeaways our attendees were there to receive. The fact that our attendees flocked to Jay's breakout session after the keynote says more about its success than I ever could.
Co-Chair - SMPS Southern Regional Conference
The first thing I heard at the conclusion of Jay's presentation was that attendees were looking at things from a different perspective. I can't say enough about Jay's presentation! He really knocked it out of the park. He connects to the audience in a real way, making it a conversation, not a speech. You feel involved and drawn into his stories.
Managing Partner - The Brand Establishment
Just the right amount of humor, energy on stage, and buzz created among the audience. I'd definitely recommend him for our audience again and to any other conference that wants an A+ speaker!
Marketing Manager - CohereOne
Jay was the opening keynote at our first-ever internal marketing knowledge exchange. Everything we were hoping for, he delivered, and then some. He clearly had spent time looking into our brand, he was funny and kept the audience captivated, and above all else, he was truly inspirational. The crowd kept nodding throughout, and our team approached me after to say how much they loved the presentation.
Corporate Communications - PTC
Jay's energy and approach is infectious and entertaining, leaving your attendees with a feeling that they learned a few valuable things that get them thinking for both the short and long term. A few told us they now had their marching orders for the coming year. He was a huge hit.
VP of Marketing - PrismHR
I would definitely recommend Jay to any event organizer who is looking for something fresh and different for their event. Besides the content, Jay had our audience laughing. Many of our guests attend multiple events per year, in which they see the same old topics and presentations. Jay's presentation not only has quality content and a great message, but his performance is engaging, funny, and real.
Marketing Manager - ZoomInfo
From our initial interaction months before the event, to his follow-up with attendees who had questions, he demonstrated his true desire to understand our audience and deliver an amazing experience. His presentation and examples were spot on and engaging to watch and he truly gave our audience tons to think about. I can't wait to work with Jay again.
CEO - Brand ManageCamp
Everyone at the event and around our organization continues to reference several of Jay's key takeaways in our work. We've even used the lessons when meeting with a larger client, a challenger brand looking to make a push for #1. The keynote was so well received.
Associate Director - Rise Interactive
Jay Acunzo is relevant, thought-provoking, and entertaining. His passion for being different while also creating value shines in his keynote address. While Jay is a sought after speaker with a big resume of experience, he is also approachable and eager to tailor his presentations to the audience's needs. He provides realistic and actionable takeaways that all levels of professionals want to implement.
Head of Marketing - Beck Technology
Jay was an engaging keynote speaker for our event. He is a master when it comes to using technology to connect with people on social media. His insights were eye-opening and actionable.
President - Chimaera Labs
As a speaker, Jay has an incredible ability to relate to the audience and perform with impeccable polish. He is a seasoned speaker, and it shows. As a host, I was particularly gratified with the reaction from the attendees, who stayed well past the end of the event to speak to him and have been contacting me personally to thank me since then.
Director of Content - Help Scout