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Jared James has become one of the best follows today on places like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin and on his popular podcast, Today with Jared James, because of his no non-sense advice, motivation and real world sales tips and videos. He's an in-demand speaker, entrepreneur and author of the book "Get out of YOUR way!"

His company, Jared James Enterprises, has become one of the most effective coaching companies around, helping thousands of students learn how to create more predictable businesses.

In his previous career selling real estate, Jared built one of the largest and fastest growing teams in the USA, earning him a spot in Realtor Magazine's elusive 30 under 30 edition. Currently, Jared not only runs one of the largest coaching companies around, but he also leads one of the fastest growing marketing companies, Jarja Media.

To get his message out, Jared speaks all over the world to tens of thousands of professionals every year and was even named recently as one of the 25 most influential people in the real estate industry today.