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"National Anthem Girl" streaming on Amazon Prime

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Janine Stange is a motivational speaker, singer, and on-air personality. She is best known for her historic journey to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in all 50 states - a mission she embarked on to honor our brave. Her story is the subject of "National Anthem Girl" a documentary by Kelly's Filmworks now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Using her signature wit and wisdom, Janine Stange motivates people to give back and identify ways to make a personal change. Stange has spoken to and performed for groups ...

Janine Stange was an excellent keynote speaker for the ONL NJ Annual Awards program. She opened with a moving rendition of the National Anthem. Her keynote address was on target for the audience; it was fun, positive and had a clear message.

Organization of Nurse Leaders New Jersey

Janine brought the house down! Our members were thrilled hearing Janine today, and I would highly recommend her without any reservation to any organization who wants to be inspired, wants to learn and also to be entertained. Her story is fascinating.

CEO Club

Janine Stange is a beacon of light and inspiration to this great nation. I recommend her to speak at your next event whether it is in person or virtually. She is captivating, relevant and relatable. Her message can and will help you move through difficult times, regardless of the circumstances. Our Virtual event left our members with the idea that everyone has value beyond what they think. Her message is so relevant to where we all need to put our minds at during times of struggle, "Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are."


Janine was an absolute joy to work with. Her passion for her craft shines through. She was the perfect fit for our event and very adaptable when we had to pivot to doing it virtually.

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation

I cannot speak highly enough about Janine Stange. I had the opportunity to host Ms. Stange for a speaking engagement for educators during Covid via a remote Zoom call experience. The level of passion and conviction for her story and message resonated even virtually -- I can only image the powerful connection that could be made in person. Ms. Stange story of perseverance, making a difference and sharing the commitment of our military and their families is a message that needs to be heard.

Lisa Spain, CEO - LYL Educational Systems

We are so happy that Janine Stange was able to present to our organization virtually for our conference! She was energetic and engaging with a message that was relatable and well backed with examples and stories. I highly recommend having Janine present at your next event.

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