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Janet Lapp

Corporate Consultant and Leader - "Change: The Choice Is Ours"

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San Diego, CA, US
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What would happen if everyone in the organization saw the positives and not the problems in change? What would it look like if people broke out of their molds, push their boundaries, and developed innovative attitudes? How much time, money and energy would it save if everyone learned how to identify and overcome resistance? These questions inspired McGill University-educated Dr. Janet Lapp and her team to conduct decades of research enacting these types of changes in the workplace, with amazingly ...

It is amazing how much she was able to discover about the Allstate culture and weave it into her program, it was like she was one of us. She opened our leadership's eyes to what has changed, what they need to do, and gave them the push to do it.

C. Wrede - Allstate Insurance

They learned exactly what skills they needed and practiced them right in the session, & actually started developing the mindset for change. In the end, she led them to rekindling their passion & remembering why they entered their jobs in the first place.

V. Jones - Tommy Hilfiger

You captured everyone from the moment you walked onstage. Thank you for an exciting program and a compelling message. It was exactly what I wanted, and what we needed.

Kevin Boyce, President, - Molson Canada

“The reaction to your program was amazingly positive ... 100%. It's amazing how effectively you can connect with this group. You have helped overcome lots of blocks in us. Tally-ho!!”

Marty Lewin, VP - Blue Cross Blue Shield

From the start you had this large group of seasoned & sometimes cynical group of senior sales managers mesmerized. In the end they not only had tremendously helpful tools to guide them through our changes, but felt inspired and encouraged to make it work.

Jim Hahn, Senior VP Sales - IBM

You did a great job and did exactly what we wanted. You motivated the franchisees and got them excited for the next few days of the convention. You set the tone and we had the best convention we have ever had.

Mark Fisher, VP - Steamatic Corporation
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