Jane Kim-Hall & Dr. Soo Kim Abboud

Jane Kim-Hall & Dr. Soo Kim Abboud Jane Kim-Hall & Dr. Soo Kim Abboud

Jane Kim-Hall & Dr. Soo Kim Abboud Text Reviews

Thank you so much for your incredible speech today! What an inspiration--you made each and every student, parent, and teacher feel as if they can accomplish anything and you gave them the tools to go for it.
Damaris South, Assistant Head of School, Director of Middle School - Baldwin School
Thanks so much for coming down to speak to our group. I know they, and I, received a lot from your comments. You have made us all better parents!
Steve Target, Member - Union League of Philadelphia
Soo Kim was wonderful. We were extremely happy to have her with us today. The audience response to the event was overwhelming, and her contribution helped make it a huge success. It was such a pleasure working with her . . .
Janet Wigfield - Working Mother Media
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to host a "Top of Class" presentation at our school. . . . The program provided our parents with a perspective on how to foster success within their own families.
Steve Redfearn, Teacher - Kilmer Elementary School
Jane Kim-Hall spoke about what changes need to take place in our schools for all children to succeed. . . . participants laughed and cried, hearing stories that validated what teachers and parents know to be sound teaching and and learning practices.
Yale S. Wishnick, Ed.D., Past Manager - CTA IFT