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James McLurkin

Robotics Expert

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Houston, TX, United States
About James McLurkin

"I don't remember a time when I wasn't building something."

As a child, James McLurkin was constantly building with LEGO bricks, cardboard boxes, or any other materials he could access. Today, McLurkin continues this tradition. Using Mother Nature as a model, his core research is developing distributed algorithms for multi-robot systems: the software for large swarms of autonomous robots. Inspired by the behavior of ants and bees, the SwarmBots perform individual tasks that collectively ...

Thanks a million for doing such an dynamite job on Saturday night. What a terrific sendoff for our InvenTeams! Those kids were completely riveted to your remarks from start to finish.

Kristin Finn, Executive Director - Lemelson?MIT Program

I knew since the first time that I heard your presentation that you have the gift of relating to kids. It is a gift that many think they have but that few truly possess. The work that you are doing with robotics . . . will lead us into the future.

Wesley Fondal, Jr., Director - STARBASE ROBINS
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