James Hewitt | Performance Scientist, Award Winning Sport & Health Researcher, Author & Keynote Speaker

James Hewitt

Performance Scientist, Award Winning Sport & Health Researcher, Author & Keynote Speaker

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James Hewitt
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50% of workers report high levels of stress and burnout, workplace stress may be responsible for 1/5th of staff turnover. Most employees are not sleeping adequately but are not aware of it, contributing to diminished wellbeing and higher rates of burnout. Based on cutting edge research and findings from James’ work with some of the world’s most demanding and high-performance organizations, explore how can we address these challenges and achieve more sustainable high performance.


Is a robot really coming for your job? According to some research, at least 30% of human roles could already be automated, but the real danger in the ‘future of work’ is not that machines will become more like humans, but that we humans will continue to try to work like machines. How should we define what type of work humans and machines are best suited to, respectively? How can we discover a more human approach to life and work? Can we look forward to an era of intelligent automation and augmentation, where humans and machines work more effectively together, and what could the benefits be, at an individual and organizational level?


Cognitive performance can vary by up to 20% during the average day, and the timing of work and rest can have a significant impact on wellbeing and productivity. What could this mean in the context of emerging trends such as ‘flexible working’, and how can we use this knowledge to optimize well-being and performance? Discover the latest findings in human performance and find out how you can you identify your own optimal rhythm.


Has work really got harder, or is there just more to pay attention to? 79% of people check their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. We check in on communication tools once every 6 minutes and, on average, are interrupted at work once every 11 minutes. The people who need to pay attention the most are often the most at risk of distraction. How can we rediscover focus, reduce stress, and what impact could we expect, at an individual and organizational level?


Knowledge work is an endurance activity. James presents frameworks and learnings from his work with world-class athletes, ranging from Professional Cyclists and Ironman Triathletes, to Formula 1 drivers and racers in the highest tiers of motorsport, providing new perspectives and practical tools to equip individuals and businesses to achieve more sustainable high-performance in life and work.

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James Hewitt

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