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Current: Attacked by Antifa at Virginia Commonwealth University while speaking with Students for Life of America

Time 17:02

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Attacked by Antifa at Virginia Commonwealth University while speaking with Students for Life of America
Time 17:02
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The Left's Attack on Science and Femininity
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Isabel is the leading Gen Z voice for the conservative movement, and often speaks to the culture war America is experiencing on college campuses, on Capitol Hill, and in corporate boardrooms. Her book, Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus, highlights the origins of the modern political Left on college campuses through sharing her compelling story, and speaks to how all Americans can win our nation's culture war by fighting on the front lines, wherever they are in life.


Isabel got her start in politics on her college campus after becoming outspoken about her beliefs and cultivating the creation of a conservative community with Turning Point USA. As a spokesperson for TPUSA, Isabel speaks on behalf of tens of thousands of college students every day and is deeply in tune with the state of affairs on campus in America.


Through working in the conservative movement as a college student, social media content creator, and political commentator, Isabel has come to learn that often, people need someone else to be the first person to loudly speak up for their values. Fear of proudly sharing one's political beliefs is a strong factor in today's culture--but it's true leadership in overcoming this fear that catalyzes a movement that will save the western world as we know it.


Education at every level, from preschool to one's college years, is much more focused on indoctrinating America's youth today than truly educating. Isabel's experience as a Biomedical Sciences student at Colorado State University exposed her to the reality that politics is driving all aspects of academia today, including the hard sciences. Today, she regularly represents the frustration of students living with critical race theory, mandated pronouns, and political curriculum as a spokesperson for Turning Point USA.

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