Howard Kurtz | Host of FNC's Media Buzz, Award Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author

Howard Kurtz

Host of FNC's Media Buzz, Award Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author

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Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz is a top-rated cable news host, award-winning journalist and best-selling author who covers the intersection of politics, policy, pop culture and the media.

Kurtz is the host of Fox News Channel's Media Buzz, the No. 1 show in its Sunday time slot since its launch seven years ago. He is a media and political analyst for the network, writes a daily column for its website and hosts a daily podcast.

Kurtz is the author of Media Madness: Donald Trump, The Press and The War Over the Truth, and five other books. His book Spin Cycle: Inside the Clinton Propaganda Machine reached No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list.

He was previously the host of CNN's media program and a media reporter, columnist and blogger for The Washington Post. Kurtz also covered Congress, the Justice Department, health care and urban affairs and served as the paper's New York bureau chief during a three-decade career, and later was Washington bureau chief for Newsweek.
He has written for such magazines as Vanity Fair, New York, Playboy and the New Republic.

Howard Kurtz
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Current: Donald Trump Punches Back

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Trump vs. Media
A Love-Hate Relationship

As a career journalist who has known Donald Trump for more than three decades, Howard Kurtz is uniquely positioned to explain the enormous hostility between the president and the press—and how it is slowly destroying the media’s credibility.

The reality is that he receives the most overwhelmingly negative coverage of any president in modern times, is rarely credited for positive developments, and is routinely attacked by journalists who privately despise him as racist, sexist, authoritarian and mentally ill. The country’s top news organizations have targeted Trump with an unprecedented barrage of disparaging reporting and commentary, with many no longer making much attempt to hide their disdain. As Kurtz details in his book Media Madness, they have lurched into the opposition camp, are appealing to an anti-Trump base of readers and viewers, and fail to grasp how deeply they are distrusted by a wide swath of the country.

To be sure, the president hits back hard with his constant attacks on “fake news” and individual journalists to rouse his political base, create a useful foil and feed a narrative of him taking on the establishment. Sometimes, even his allies admit, his rhetoric goes too far. He secretly courts journalists off the record, even as he calls them stupid, nasty and losers, but is undermined by unnamed leakers in his own inner circle.

The bottom line is that many in the media view themselves as being on a mission to save the country from Trump’s excesses. But that is not journalism, and if they feel that way they should quit their jobs and become activists. There is polarization on both sides, but Kurtz, a lifelong journalist, says the business he loves may never recover from the Trump era.

Washington and the Trump Agenda

The greatest impact of the Trump presidency takes place behind the headlines. By taking control of the federal machinery, Donald Trump and his Republican allies are having a vast impact on the way the government regulates and enforces its rules and policies. And while the new Democratic House may blunt a few of those efforts, it will be impossible to stop the steamroller.

As a reporter who spent years covering regulatory agencies and knows the workings of this administration, Howard Kurtz can provide an insider’s view of the impact on corporate America. This includes rules governing health care, the environment, banking, antitrust, natural disasters, consumer safety, affirmative action, abortion and voting rights.

While a few hot-button areas such as immigration make national news, Kurtz can shed light on the shadowy bureaucratic maze that is Washington.

The Never-Ending Culture War

What used to be confined to the political battlefield now has spread into every nook and cranny of American entertainment and culture. Late-night comics sacrifice comedy for political diatribes, no longer concerned about alienating half their audience. The same goes for celebrities who join protests and hijack award shows for political rants. As Howard Kurtz explains in rich detail, the NFL is consumed by debate over anthem protests, while baseball and basketball champions refuse to appear at the White House.

Much of this polarization revolves around President Trump, some of it stoked by the president as a political tactic and some of it the byproduct of the Hollywood culture. But it also extends to the tech world, to Facebook, Twitter and Google, all of which are run by left-leaning executives and all of which have been accused of bias against conservatives.

Ultimately, however inspired by Trump, the culture war has come to engulf all of us, as people who once shared cat pictures defriend each other on Facebook and unleash ugliness on Twitter.

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Howard Kurtz

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