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In the world of high-stakes testing, teachers struggle to find strategies that are effective with all students. Differentiated instruction is an often utilized term that is seldom implemented because educational institutions fail to train teachers on how they can differentiate instruction for...
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Designing School Climates that Maximize Student Achievement
Neuroscience has identified self-regulation to be the greatest predictor of academic success and behavioral control. When the school environment promotes self-regulation, all students will benefit because it increases the opportunities for students to work to their capacity. There are three...
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The human brain produces bias as a natural process of how it learns. The brain associates things easily and this process can lead to a person consciously thinking one thing while the brain subconsciously associates it to something else. These subconscious associations influence what we think, how...
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Poverty’s Impact on the Brain
Poverty is the single most significant event impacting education today. Every year school districts dedicate resources, draft policies, and create new services to meet the academic and behavioral challenges associated with students coming from poverty. However, much of the attempts of education...
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The Male and Female Brain
Unique differences in the structure and functioning of the male and female brain have strong implications on how to best educate boys and girls. These distinctions have grave implications for male and female communication, learning, behavior, and even developing relationships. Educators should be...
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Promoting Student Success
Self-regulation is the one mental process that overrides obstacles that hinder planning, attention, learning, memory, and the coping skills required for students to achieve immediate goals and obtain long-term success. Without the skill to self-regulate, students will succumb to the whim of every...
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