Robert Hoot Gibson

Robert Hoot Gibson astronaut, pilot, southwest airlines Robert Hoot Gibson astronaut, pilot, southwest airlines
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Robert Hoot Gibson: Atlantis' Close Call
Robert Hoot Gibson: Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame

Robert Hoot Gibson

Navy Fighter Pilot and Astronaut leading teams and execution

About Robert Hoot Gibson

Captain Robert "Hoot" Gibson, USN Retired, served as a Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, and Navy Astronaut before joining Southwest Airlines as a Pilot in 1996. He flew 5 missions aboard the Space Shuttles CHALLENGER, COLUMBIA, ATLANTIS & ENDEAVOUR, once as Co-Pilot and 4 times as the Mission Commander. He was awarded numerous decorations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Air Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal. He was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in ...

Robert "Hoot" Gibson was fantastic! Our attendees loved him. We had great communication leading up to the event and he really delivered.

Ivette Petroni - Satcom Direct

How was Hoot Gibson in a word? Delightful. In lots more words? He was wonderful! From speaking with him on the phone ahead of the presentation, to meeting/greeting him the day of the presentation, to his presentation itself, Hoot was the epitome of charm and grace. I loved and appreciated his humble approach to the hundreds of amazing experiences he's had and his willingness to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can see his passion for aviation shine bright with every word he speaks and the sparkle in his eye. For being as much of a legend as he is, he is also incredibly down-to-earth (weird pun for an astronaut, I guess) and reachable. He spent quality time with our attendees and made real connections. I do not hesitate to give him a glowing recommendation to anyone looking for a smart, professional, interesting, and thoroughly engaging speaker.

Lori Rentz - Executive Jet Management
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