Dr. Holly G. Atkinson | Physician and author; Expert on women's health and wellness

Dr. Holly G. Atkinson

Physician and author; Expert on women's health and wellness

Dr. Holly G. Atkinson
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Dr. Holly G. Atkinson
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Best Medical Treatments for Women

For decades, the medical establishment ignored many diseases of women, conducted medical experiments with only male subjects and virtually failed to recognize the role of gender in healthcare. In this speech, Dr. Atkinson brings the audience up to date on the latest in women's health: what's hot, what's not, what's controversial and what questions women need to ask their doctors. In the question and answer period that follows, she fields questions about the best medical treatments for women for menopause, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, weight loss, and whether or not vitamins are the secret of good health. Not to be missed.

Breast Health and Wellness

With breast cancer one of the leading cancer killers of women, it is especially important for today's women to understand breast health and wellness. Dr. Atkinson gives and information and delightful talk on the female breast and how to take care of it! The audience will learn about the normal anatomy and physiology of the breast (who ever taught us?), the signs and symptoms of common conditions and diseases of the breast and warning signs of breast cancer. Most importantly, the audience will learn how to maintain good breast health, gain an appreciation of self exam, clinical examination, and mammography, and learn what steps to take if they note any changes.

Conquering Heart Disease

Although we've made significant inroads against heart disease in the last 25 years, it is still the leading killer of American men and women. Dr. Atkinson shares with the audience the latest facts about heart disease, the recent revised weight recommendations, practical advice about diet and exercise and ways to manage stress and anger. This presentation can be specifically tailored to women, who still too often believe that only men have heart attacks. In the women-only event, Dr. Atkinson focuses on the role that estrogen plays in protecting a woman's heart, and whether or not taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause is a good idea. This presentation will be followed by a very lively question and answer period.

Consumer Health Trends and the Internet

The consumer revolution continues to alter the healthcare landscape. In her presentation, Dr. Holly Atkinson explores the major consumer trends in the marketplace, describes the impact these trends are having on the practice and delivery of healthcare, and discusses the impact consumers' wishes should have on healthcare organizations. Healthcare executives and clinicians have given this speech rave reviews because Dr. Atkinson is insightful in her criticism, funny in her presentation and inspirational about the possibilities for change.

Dr. Holly G. Atkinson
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Dr. Holly G. Atkinson

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