Heather R Younger

Heather R Younger Heather R Younger

Heather R Younger Speech Topics

The Art of Caring Leadership
The four Caring Leadership principles delivered in this keynote serve as a powerful reminder of every leader’s responsibility to uplift their team and organization and drive real business results. This program is perfect for leaders: - Supporting employees through organizational change -...
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Create a Culture of Listening
For the last 12 years, Heather has reviewed over 25,000 employee engagement surveys. This keynote distills that knowledge into actionable insights that have been proven to lead to better engagement, better customer satisfaction, higher revenue, lower turnover, and brand loyalty. This program is...
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Diversity and Inclusion: How to Build a Culture of Belonging
This keynote draws from Heather’s personal experiences as the only child of an interfaith and interracial marriage to inspire leaders to flex their empathy muscles and master the art of active listening to ensure every employee feels valued, respected and supported. This program is perfect for...
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Reimagining a New and Better Workplace
In this empowering, interactive, and hope-filled keynote, Heather provides a roadmap for navigating change with agility, confidence, resilience — and a positive outlook. This program is perfect for leaders: - Powering through tough moments or times of crisis -Fortifying those they lead in...
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