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5 Strategies for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement
Employee engagement has been trending as a hot topic in 2022 as it's come to a height with the Great Resignation. Leaders all over have struggled with the multitude of transitions between the virtual, hybrid, or just plain staying in the office world. No matter which of these roles you can relate to, one thing remains the same - it never gets ea...
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Scaling Caring Leadership to Fit Your Team Growth
A reader of my book wrote to me and said, "If there is one area where I'd love to have seen a bit more focus (maybe for the next book!) it would be on transitions." They said they have managed teams over the years that would typically range between 20-35 employees. Stating that with a team of that size, it was challenging but doable to maintain ...
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Getting Listening Right in a Virtual World
Whether it was at the height of the pandemic or recently, if you've gone through the transition from an in-office environment to now working fully remote - your listening skills may feel like they've taken a big hit. Seeking to understand and listening (the right way) have proven to be strenuous battles as many leaders still search to find balan...
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