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Harry Paul

From helping authors publish their books to managing the speaking career of Dr. Ken Blanchard (co-author of The One Minute Manager, Gung Ho and Raving Fans), Harry Paul has gained a unique perspective and experience in the field of people development. This knowledge has earned Harry a Ph.D. in experience!

For over 25 years he has been involved with best selling business authors and the philosophy of helping people be the best they can. This valuable insight was used in his first book, FISH! A Remarkable to Boost Morale and Improve Results, co-authored with Steven Lundin and John Christensen.

Harry has follow-up books books in the FISH! series titled, FISH! Sticks, FISH! Tales, and FISH! for Life. Harry's latest book, REVVED! An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results, coauthred with Dr. Ross Reck. It outlines the behaviors for implementing the FISH! Philosophy and making part of your organizations success strategy. FISH! and REVVED! make work a destination where people want to go and be there their best.

Harry has an incredibly humorous, yet compelling way of relating information that can be instantaneously applied to an individual's life or to an entire work environment. His real life stories touch the heartstrings, illustrate the subtle and reveal the secrets to long lasting success.

Harry Paul has spoken before audiences large and small, non-profit and corporate. His clients include such nationwide companies as, Astra Zeneca, Augusta National Golf Club, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Sacramento Department of Public Works and, Healthcare Management Systems, Verizon, Raymond James Financial, American Red Cross and Option One Mortgage, Party City, KPMG, to name just a few.

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FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

With all the rightsizing, downsizing, lay-offs, cut backs, reduced budgets, shrinking markets, people quitting, people quitting and staying, it’s no wonder that more than 71% of today's employees are not fully engaged at work. Even though it's been around out several years FISH! has as much relevancy today as it did then—especially in today's tough and uncertain economic times. By using the four parts of the FISH! Philosophy:

Choose Your Attitude

Decide to bring more enthusiasm to work


Discover ways to have more fun and instill more energy at work

Be There

Understanding and living the mission of the organization

Make There Day

Include everyone in the energy and fun

Your people:

• Become fully engaged in their work, which means they work much harder at creating a unique experience for their customers: an experience that cannot be duplicated by the competition.

• Have an understanding of how important their work is and that they can and do make a difference.

• Look forward to coming to work everyday and be the best that they can be a fully engaged workforce will not only enable you to survive during these challenging times, it will enable you to thrive.

You'll find it pays off big-time to bring FISH! into the workplace!


Creating a workplace where want to come to work and work hard. To be the best they can be.

Creating Instant Turnaround

Turning on the discretionary effort of everyone in your organization to increase productivity and profits.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Creating a culture of excellence. Sounds easy? Unfortunately it’s not. Not without a strategy and a set of effective tools. If you don’t have them, average can start to creep in and it’s insidious and clandestine. Denial is the first reaction most organizations have to average replacing their excellence—next, the acceptance of average as excellence. Of course the first to notice are your customers. And they usually let you know by going to the competition. Without a culture of excellence you are decreasing your market share while simultaneously increasing the competition’s. Now that’s scary.

The good news is there is a new program to help you create a culture of excellence and become a results-focused organization--an organization where your people come to work everyday and give and be their best.

Based on several books including, Who Kidnapped Excellence?, FISH!, The Results Focused Organization and years of research, Creating A Culture of Excellence helps you build this culture where everyone has passion and an understanding for what they are doing; Continuously builds the skills to get the job done and remain competitive; Communicate all rolls and responsibilities effectively and without confusion; Have the flexibility to do things differently in the ever changing-competitive business environment we all dwell in; and where everyone takes ownership for the productivity and profitability of the organization.

Now is the time to create a culture of excellence and banish average from your organization forever.

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