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Harry Freedman

The Nation’s Misleading Expert

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About Harry Freedman

"If I don't know it, nobody does!" says Harry Freedman. Is he serious? Of course, he's not. Yet, from comedy clubs to corporate events to television shows, audiences take HARRY FREEDMAN very seriously--right up until the moment they realize they have been had!

As "the nation's leading expert," comedian Harry Freedman convinces audiences he is a doctor, bureaucrat, presidential adviser, or a psychologist--and the list goes on. But, who is he? Harry Freedman is really the king of comedy put-ons. ...

What a great way to end a very busy day. The comments from the attendees are outstanding!

Bob Oldenkamp - Dir. Marketing, Sysco Food Service Mont.

Thank you for the outstanding job you did at our FY 01 Sales Kick-off . . . It took at least 40 minutes for the sales force and executives to realise you were not the new PTC COO, which is exactly what our intention was.

Jennifer Wetstein - Dir. exec. marketing PTC

You were an absolute hit at the Fortis Benefits Presidents Conference in April of 2001. Our sales reps were delighted as you poked fun at everything 'sacred' in the company . . . As one sales rep said, "I laughed so hard that my body ached."

Kathy A. Kelley - Second VP, Fortis Benefits Insurance

Great job! You had everyone believing you were a real envoy of the President to India and China, even as you got belly laughs at 9:00 in the morning. You had our alumni group rolling and you did it with clean, classy, and extremely clever material.

Dee Vaidya - IIT Alunni and President of Technograph

Outstanding Performance . . . sensational results.

Dr. Ed Goldberg - Edison Electric Institute

Huge Laughs . . . raves from everyone . . . crowd loved it!

Scott Sanders - NY State Society of CPA's
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