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Harry is by far one of the most sincere and thought provoking speakers I have heard. He is someone who touches both your heart and your mind. Harry speaks with passion, emotion, and about facts in a highly articulate manner. Harry truly stands out!
Caryl M. Stern, President & CEO - UNICEF USA
When Harry Leibowitz is a keynote speaker, I make the effort every time to revisit his speech after the event. His words never fail to move me. When Harry is at the podium, you can hear a pin drop. Harry has the uncanny ability to remain hopeful and inspire his audience to believe that everyone has the power to effect change. He is a favored keynote at our international events and I cannot recommend him more enthusiastically!
Uli Imhoff Heine, Sr. Director of Development - Project Concern International
Listening to Harry, you laugh and cry for he is a formidable speaker who can keep an audience attentive as few can. If you can get him to speak, your audience will be given a treat!
Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor Emeritus - The City University of New York