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Hal Hershfield: TEDx: How can we help our future selves?

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Psychologist Hal Hershfield studies how thinking about time transforms the emotions and alters the judgments and decisions people make. While he was a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, his research concentrated on the psychology of long-term decision-making and how time affects people's lives -- specifically at a moment when Americans are living longer and saving less.

Hershfield says, "We're in an interesting time to be conducting research on these topics because there are so many ...

Hal's content was very relevant and presented well. Professor Hershfield laid out academic data in a way that made it compelling to my professional life and personal life, as well! Hearing Prof. Hershfield's comments made me more empathetic to my future self, and his delivery was energetic and humorous. Hal was very easy to coordinate with on this event; he was prompt, well-prepared and presented well.

Anna - Callan Conference

Hal truly has a "gift." He has now served as the keynote speaker for three previous P&I conferences. Each time, he delivered a stellar performance earning him the title as one of the absolute BEST keynote speakers P&I has ever featured on its programs. Hal is dependable, easy to work with and eager to please clients with an inspirational, educational approach.

Tammy Scholtes, Director of Conference Programming - Pensions & Investments
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