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Dr. Gregory Jantz: Symptoms of Eating Disorders with Dr. Gregg Jantz
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Dr. Gregory Jantz

Mental and Behavioral Health Expert, Noted Author

About Dr. Gregory Jantz

A Vision of Hope
Early in his career working with people who suffered with eating disorders, Dr. Jantz uncovered a disconnect in treatment options available to people who were hurting. His work revealed that often patients suffered from depression, addiction, and other disorders. As a result, he found himself compelled to dig deeper, developing a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that would care for the whole-person instead of the just the symptoms.

Vision into Reality: The Center A Place of ...

. . . having Dr. Jantz was a gift that opened up a world of beauty, adventurous possibilities, and, yes, restorative hope . . . Dr. Jantz gave us back the power to question impossibilities, to revisit our own rightness, and to embrace a greater truth.

Cynthia Escobar Santiago - Thurston Co. Social Services-CD Division

Your presentation was inspiring and set the tone for a very successful conference. We will highly recommend you as a resource to other agencies.

Dick Nuse - State of Washington

Dr. Jantz is on the cutting edge of helping people and needs to be heard. He is informative and captivating. He provides practical ideas on how to get people well.

Rick Hurst - Singles Ministries Resources

Through the years, I have sat through a great deal of training and have found few to meet this criteria to the level which Jantz demonstrates.

Drew Chukitus, Executive Administrator - Alpine Boys Ranch

We are just discovering how widespread emotional abuse is and the damage caused to many. No one that I know is better equipped to speak to the cases than Gregory Jantz. He has spent a lifetime working with abused people and has much to teach us all.

Dr. Bruce Larson, Pastor - The Crystal Cathedral

Were you emotionally abused? Are you an abuser? Gregg Jantz will challenge your quick answers. Understanding the emotional patterns "family" powerfully crafts within us offers both an escape from the downside and a roadmap to repeating the blessings.

Paul Lewis, Author of "The Five Key Habits of Smart Dads" - Family University
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